Post11 has its HUBs in different destinations to cover all your possible logistical needs in Europe and the rest of the world.

Our services and solutions for your business to grow.


The main hub of Post11 is operating since 2015. It offers efficient and sustainable transshipment service through pre-assembly and consolidation not only to the nearest countries but around the globe.
Strategically located in Eastern Europe and 70 kilometers from the Nordic region, Post11 offers unique and highly competitive solutions in the region. Additionally offering bonded warehousing, customs support, and returns handling.

Bonded/EU Warehouse

  • Storaging
  • Goods inbound
  • Goods outbound
  • Assembly
  • Postal operations
  • Customs services
  • Returns management
  • Destruction of goods
  • Client specific services


  • Storaging
  • Transportation + airport handling
  • Terminal handling for cargo
  • Terminal handling for postal
  • Value adding services
  • Client specific services


Post11 Amsterdam hub is located 50km from Amsterdam Schiphol airport and has been operational since 2017. We offer wide range of end-to-end delivery services, both postal and commercial. We are experts in tailor made solutions and we always find a solution based on customers needs. Thanks to wide range of partners, we could offer various services to our customers. We can organize collection of goods from consignor and delivering them to end consignee.

Bonded/EU Warehouse

  • Warehousing for EU and NON-EU goods (bonded warehouse)
  • Customs clearance for B2C shipment
  • Postal/Commercial goods Handling
  • Sorting
  • Checking/applying/removing labels
  • Packaging
  • Line-haul transportation via air or road


  • Terminal is equipped with CCTV cameras
  • Authorized personnel are only prohibited to enter to the terminal
  • Reflective vest is mandatory in the terminal