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What should I do when the tracking info shows “held by customs”?

When the parcel is held by customs, then releasing it depends on if it also needs customs clearance or not. If it does, then either the local post or customs should contact the recipient regarding the taxes and receiving the parcel. Or the recipient can contact their local post or customs by herself/himself in order to ask for more information about their parcel.

I missed my delivery. What now?

The notifications will be sent to the contacts which were inserted during the purchase process. If the recipient’s data (email and phone number) has been inserted incorrectly by the sender/seller or the contacts are not real, the notification will never arrive. Sometimes this does happen and the recipients will not receive notifications about the parcels being available for pick-up.

Is my parcel lost?

We will do our best that this does not happen and expect the same from our partners all over the world to handle every shipment with great care. In order for us to check the status of each parcel, we will need the tracking number and if it will be necessary, then contact our partners/customers for further details regarding different shipments and parcels.